Customer Testimonials

S.H.M Bodyworx
We pride ourselfves in customer satisfaction - we are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the repair work that we carry out!
  • Collect & Estimate
    One of our highly skilled estimators will assess the damage to your vehicle.
  • Repair
    Your vehicle is repaired in a safe and constructive way - keeping cost low.
  • We give Guarantee
    We are convinced that you will be 100% satisfied with the repair work on your car.

I had an accident and got in touch with S.H.M Bodyworx. They provided me with really fantastic advice, sorted my car and insurance claim, and helped relieve the stress I was going through. It was a pleasure to have them at hand. Also the price was great!

After a car accident last March, I was devistated to see my beloved Range Rover in such a state of damage. I contacted the guys at S.H.M Bodyworx and their knowledge, support and skills meant that my Range Rover was back on the road in little to no time. The work they carried out on my car was to an excellent high standard. - people would never be able to guess how much damaged I originally caused!

My wife and I approached the team at S.H.M Bodyworx to see if they could help us with a large dent that was at the back of our car. They worked at a fast pace without comprimising the standard of work and we left a few days later as very happy customers.

I needed some private repairs on my BMW 320, after looking online and finding the team from S.H.M Bodyworx they answered all my questions and lead my in the right direction offering me a service that was second to none.